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20W UPSU is a DIN-Rail UPS with much functions and intelligent behavior

20W UPSU is a is maintenance-free DC UPS, based on Supercapacitors / Ultracapacitors, for industrial and automation environments. The 20W UPSU has a wide voltage input range, one configurable output voltage and is in DIN-Rail-case.

Applications are UPS powered embedded-computers, PLC and other electronic devices.
The 20W UPSU provides the following connections: The patented Mainboard-Power-Button-Connection, Terminal Contact 15 and RS-232 for configuration and communication. You can configure timings to customize the behavior of 20W UPSU to meet customer specific requirements.

  • Wide temperature range, high cycle-life, free of maintenance, because of Supercapacitors / Ultracapacitors for energy storage
  • Online UPS (VFI UPS)
  • 20W output power
  • Voltage input: 5 to 36V DC
  • Voltage output: 5 to 24V DC (configurable)
  • The input voltage can be lower, equal or higher than the output voltage
  • The ultracapacitor is already included in the device
  • Auto-Power-On and Auto-Shut-Down function for computers, cummunication over RS-232, terminal 15 or Mainboard Power Button connection
  • Configurable minimal input voltage to Auto-Shut-Down
  • Configurable waiting time to trigger Shut-Down in the event of power failure
  • Configurable delay startup timing and device-reset-timing after a shutdown, before the startup triggers
  • 520s secoonds running time on power failure with 1W load
  • > 25 secoonds running time on power failure with max load (20W)
  • Increased capacity possible with 20W UPSU CAP EXTENSION KIT
  • Fully charged in < 2 minutes
  • 55 mm (width) x 75 mm x 109,5 mm
  • Free configuration software
  • Cycle-Life: 500,000 cycles
  • Warranty: 2 years, bring-in
  • Datasheet
  • 3D model
  • 3D Step file
  • Download 20W UPSU configuration software
  • Presentation UPSU-Products: Maintenance-free UPS solutions

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

After powering 20W UPSU, Status led flashes one time and no output voltage is available

You probably have set Uinminstart to a too high voltage level. So 20W UPSU will not be active until the input voltage rises above Uinminstart.
Either set Uinminstart to a lower level or increase the input voltage above the configured Uinminstart.
Note: To prevent from this problem, 20W UPSU s default configured Uinminstart is set to its min value of 5V.

After powering of 20W UPSU, it begins to charge, but at a charge point it stops and restarts again and again

You use probably a voltage source, which is not able to deliver the required power. Use a power supply, which can deliver at least 50 W power.

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